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Liquid Hardeners

SpecChem’s Liquid Hardeners are essential solutions for enhancing the strength, durability, and appearance of concrete surfaces. These chemical treatments are applied to new or existing concrete, penetrating deep into the slab to create a chemical reaction that improves porosity and density. By filling in the pores and forming an insoluble gel, our liquid hardeners significantly enhance the concrete’s resistance to wear, dusting, and damage caused by weathering and chemicals. With a range of options available, including Cure Hard, LithSeal Lite, LithSeal SC, and SpecHard – IntraSeal, SpecChem offers a variety of liquid hardeners to suit different project requirements. Whether you need to cure, harden, dustproof, or achieve long-lasting results, trust SpecChem’s Liquid Hardeners for superior performance and reliability.

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Liquid Hardeners

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Liquid hardeners are chemical treatments used on concrete surfaces to enhance their strength, durability, and appearance. They also help to dust-proof the surface.

Liquid hardeners deeply penetrate the concrete surface, reacting with the cementitious materials to form a denser and harder surface. This makes the concrete more resistant to wear, stains, and other types of damage.

Yes, liquid hardeners are commonly used on newly poured concrete to improve its surface hardness and protect it from early damage. They can help prevent premature wear and tear.

No, most liquid hardeners are designed to enhance the concrete’s strength and durability without altering its natural appearance. They penetrate the surface without leaving a visible film or coating.

Liquid hardeners react with the concrete to create a denser surface, reducing the porosity of the concrete. This helps to minimize dusting, making the surface easier to clean and maintain.

Yes, liquid hardeners can be used on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. They provide long-lasting protection and enhance the performance of the concrete in various environments.

Yes, liquid hardeners can be applied to decorative concrete surfaces. They help to improve the durability and longevity of decorative finishes while maintaining the desired appearance.

Yes, some liquid hardeners may contribute to LEED credits, as they are formulated to be environmentally friendly. They are designed to minimize the impact on the environment while providing excellent concrete protection.

Yes, liquid hardeners can be applied to both new and existing concrete surfaces. On aged concrete, they can rejuvenate and strengthen the surface, improving its resistance to wear and tear. However, the surface must be clean and free from any contaminants for effective application.

Prior to applying liquid hardeners, the concrete surface should be properly cleaned and any existing coatings or sealers removed. The surface should be dry and free of dust, dirt, and grease to ensure optimal penetration and effectiveness of the hardener.

Liquid Hardeners

Core products

LithSeal SC

Lithium silicate concrete sealer/densifier

SpecHard - Intraseal

Water-based siliconate sealer/densifier

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TK-LS Hard N Guard Lithium Silicate Blend
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Liquid Hardeners

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